Osenter IT & Consultancy Services is a wholly indigenous Information Technology (IT) company working assiduously to transform lives by creating platforms that make people work smarter and make life better. Our solutions ranging from Biometric enabled solutions, End-to-End Examination Processing, e-Agriculture, Pension Management System (e-Pension), e-Curriculum, Smartschool, Cloud-based IT solutions and Services amongst others have positively impacted millions of lives.

At Osenter, our people live our values and our actions are underpinned by these principles. Our corporate culture is professional, innovative, disciplined, friendly and open, and we are committed to excellence and global standards. We promote a work environment based on faith, respect, timeliness, objectivity, merit, effective communication, compliance with policies and processes, corporate loyalty and swift execution. We enjoy what we do. Our strength lies in our people who are very professional and together with our local and international partners, we are poised to deliver exceptional products and services. Our responsiveness, professional competence and partnership skills are what have continually given us the edge in our services offerings.

Our Core Values
 Innovation: We create an environment for the development of innovative ideas that facilitate diversification and delivery of value added services
 Respect: Demonstrate regard for people and the environment
 Integrity: We deliver what we promise within agreed behavioral codes
 Safety: No harm to people and environment
 Excellence: We strive for the best in all we do
 Resilience: We deliver against all odds

Our Business Areas

We provide excellent IT solutions to our customers in the following areas:
Custom Software Development
 Systems Deployment and Integrations
 System Monitoring, Management and Problem Resolution

 Bio metrics and Security Solution
 Connectivity and Integration Solutions
 Hosted Services
 Content Management and Collaboration Solutions
 Business Intelligence Solutions

 Microsoft Solutions Procurement, Licensing, Implementation and Support
 e-Business Services
 Infrastructure Services, Hardware Supply and Maintenance
 Cloud Services & Mobile Apps Solution
 Campus Wireless Solutions

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Kuchi Global Resources


Email: info@osenter.net